RFE District Exchange

(Rotarians visiting Rotarians and hosted by Districts)

This year, 10 people from our district were hosted in the State of Gujarat India (District 3060) for about two weeks. We visited five cities plus their District Conference which was held in tents in the Salt desert of Northwestern Gujarat (near Pakistan). The photos running with this article were taken on this latest trip (Dec 28-Jan 15) RFE exchanges are arranged between different districts all over the world. All Rotarians in our district are eligible for selection to go on an RFE exchange team. The Indian team is coming to visit our district this May.

This is the second year that the RFE program is continuing in our District.

Notice of Arriving Indian District Friendship Exchange Team

Attention: Rotarians - Sign up for Hosting: Rotarian Host families are needed for a May 2016 visit by Rotarians from District 3060 (State of Gujarat India). As part of this years RFE program, our District will host an 8 or 10 person Team from District 3060 Between May 3 - May 20 or 21.

We are looking for host families willing to host an Indian couple n their home for two or three nights during this time, from the three major areas in our District: Northern District clubs, Central and Coastal clubs and Southern District Clubs, including but not limited to the following cities: Napa, Sonoma. Santa Rosa, FT. Bragg, Mendocino, Arcata, Eureka, Sebastopol, Petaluma.

Your participation as a host will be a rewarding and enriching multi-cultural experience. You will make great friendships and have and increased opportunity to go on a future RFE exchange. Clubs can learn about this program and inform their members by having a speaker from the RFE program talk at your club.

Interested persons should contact:

Yours in Rotary International
Greg Freitas
District 5130 RFE Chair
707-763-5224 or 707-971-0770